YSOA Building Project Studio 2014 - Team Phase  Team: Mohammad Alothman, Jack Bian, Ben Bourgoin, Vittorio Lovato, James Kehl, Feng Qian, Xiao Wu  This three-story, two-unit house can adapt to a variety of living situations and sites due to its modular construction and flexible plan. The bottom two levels are dedicated to the owner—a small family—and the top is for a tenant. Each living space is continuous and open. Windows at each end of these rooms welcome north and south light, connecting livable spaces on the interior back to the community street-front and private backyard.  Utilities, services, and furniture are densely aligned along the west edge of each room. Opposite these working zones, the rooms are clear—opening to the east side-yard gardens, in addition to views down the street. These distinct zones help simplify daily routines and activities. Stairs extending from the utility wall connect each level, enabling convenient reconfiguration of dwelling units.
cabinet axon.jpg
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